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The Deer Farmer Saturday 20th December, 2008
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Strong Demand

07-05-2008 | webmaster

Innes Moffat confirms demand is strong.
"In the European wholesale trade, quite a large price gap has opened up between New Zealand farm-raised venison and local European [mostly feral] product."
As he's been saying for a while, this does create the possibility that Kiwi product will be priced off menus and shelves. However, at the moment contacts in Europe are keeping the pressure on, buying New Zealand venison - both chilled and frozen - and in some cases selling it on for sale in the next few months rather than holding it until the European autumn at the end of the year. It remains to be seen what European consumers - in restaurants and supermarkets - will be willing to pay.

Factors that seem to be working in favour of Kiwi venison, he says, are:
? Uncertain supply of South American beef;
? Increased export of chilled venison from New Zealand outside of the traditional September to December season; and
? Market development work that has created a preference for quality-assured New Zealand venison on the back of larger volumes and cheaper pricing during the past few years.

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