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The Deer Farmer Sunday 22nd February, 2009
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Velvet Pool Season Ends

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Slow Recovery After Dry

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This section offers a reference to publications or articles which provide detailed information on deer farming matters. It also refers to qualified consultants.

If you want to contact us at The Deer Farmer, .

If you need contacts around the world, we'll try to help. But if your deer are dying, or you want to build a fence, sorry, we can't help you. We're publishers, not veterinarians or farmers. If you want to set up a deer farm or have a practical deer farming problem, your first call should be to your local deer farmers' association. Most deer farmers are very generous with information and their time.


Advisory publications

Free of charge to to The Deer Farmer:

Basics of Deer Farming
40-pages of muddy boots advice about deer farming. If you want to know how to handle, feed and breed deer, this is where you start. Written by leading deer farming consultant Mike Harbord in 1993, it was updated in 1997 by Invermay deer farming guru Tony Pearse. Chapters cover Handling, Facilities, Breeding, Venison production, Velvet production, Indoor Wintering, Deer health, Bovine Tb control, DeerQA, Wapiti and Fallow.

Yards and Fencing for Deer Farms
This publication gives you the low-down on the facilities you need to make a success of deer farming. Mike Harbord gives sound, practical advice based on more than 20 years experience advising deer farmers and farming deer.

Deer Farming Handbook
This publication is being written by staff at AgResearch Invermay. A northern hemisphere version is already available from the Alberta Venison Council
Alberta Venison Council

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Fax: .

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