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The Deer Farmer Thursday 19th February, 2009
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Strong Demand

Aim To Keep Venison In Retail

Vet Conference Venue Change

Slow Recovery After Dry

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PPCS Burnside To Close
20-05-2008 | webmaster
Website | Hot Droppings
The announcement this week by PPCS that it's probably closing its largest venison processing facility - Burnside just outside Dunedin - isn't a big surprise. PPCS signalled in October 2007, when Alliance rejected a proposal to merge the two co-ops, that it would proceed with its own strategies, including right-sizing its facilities to create a better match with its supply base and overseas customer requirements. Clearly something had to give. » Read full article

North Canterbury Focus Farm Underway
16-05-2008 | webmaster
Website | Hot Droppings
We've agreed to send out a special message about the inaugural North Canterbury focus farm field day, being held next Wednesday. Here's the message from Deer Industry New Zealand Producer Manager Tony Pearse... » Read full article
A crossroads for velvet
10-09-2007 | webmaster
Velvet | website

As velvet producers who have put their money where their mouth is for the past eight years, Velexco members are bemused by the failure of others to follow their lead. » Read full article

Are you in?
10-09-2007 | webmaster
Venison | website

PPCS is seeking strong relationships on both ends of its supply chain. The company?s chief executive Keith Cooper addressed Deer Industry New Zealand?s formal general meeting, held in May as part of the deer industry conference in Hamilton. PPCS currently processes about 58% of NZ farmed venison, in seven dedicated venison plants. » Read full article

Development at Dunrobin
10-09-2007 | webmaster
Farm Profile | website

When deer farmer Bruce Russell feels ?a bit titchy? he goes to his development block. » Read full article

Time to rethink wintering?
10-09-2007 | webmaster
Farm Tech | website

It?s a drag on time and profitability, and most will agree 100+ days? grind shifting break fences and feeding out does nothing for your sense of humour. » Read full article

Velvet competition organisers recognised
10-09-2007 | webmaster
Markets | website

The Southland branch of the NZDFA has received recognition for organising the National Velvet and Trophy Antler Competition for the past 25 years. » Read full article

Nothing like Kiwi product
10-09-2007 | webmaster
Opinion | website

The air trip back to this side of the globe was a hideous experience, but there was one intoxicating highlight when I was in transit in Bombay and knew with a certainty that I was in India because it smelt like India. » Read full article

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