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The Deer Farmer Sunday 22nd February, 2009
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15-10-2007 | webmaster

Other deer farming organisations:

The Alberta Elk Commission
A site providing information and research notes from one of the largest regional elk associations in Canada.

The Alberta White-tail and Mule Deer Association
Information, articles and resources about deer, from Alberta, Canada.

Deer Industry Association of Australia
The association combines producer, breed society, processor, exporter and scientific interests in one organisation.

North American Deer Farmers Association
The association publishes a quarterly magazine, The North American Deer Farmer.

The North American Elk Breeders' Association
An association of American and Canadian Elk breeders. Publications include the quarterly journal North American Elk.

Northern Genetics
A North American genetics company providing services to the Elk industry.

The OEBA promotes the elk industry as a profitable agricultural alternative in Ontario.

All you need to know about white-tailed deer farming

Federation of European Deer Farmers Associations

Irish Deer Farmers & Venison Association


NZ Industry Organisations

Deer Industry New Zealand

The Game Industry Board trades as Deer Industry New Zealand. It is funded by levies on sales of venison and velvet, and assists in the development of markets. It operates by building consensus among industry partners (farmers, processors and exporters).

Information: The board publishes Deer Industry News five times a year. It also publishes recipe leaflets, an annual report, an industry strategic plan and quarterly market reports.

Tel .


NZ Deer Farmers' Association

The NZDFA is serviced by Deer Industry New Zealand. With branches in all farming regions, the NZDFA disseminates information to farmers and gets their feedback on topical issues. The branches are also the heart of the industry social network, organising field days, seminars, velvet competitions and social activities for members.

For more information, contact Deer Industry New Zealand.


NZ Deer Industry Association

The NZDIA represents the interests of venison and velvet processors and exporters and provides a vehicle for the appointment of industry members to the Game Industry Board.

Tel .
Fax .


NZ Fallow Society

The Fallow Society is affiliated to the NZDFA, but tends to operate independently. It often takes the role of advocate for small farmers and other industry ?underdogs?. It promotes the interests of Fallow farmers and lobbies on issues of importance to its members.

Information: The society publishes a provocative newsletter six times a year. Members get the newsletter as of right. Non-members may also subscribe to the newsletter.  


NZ Swedish and Danish Deer Breed Society

This society promotes Red deer which are derived from imports of Danish and Swedish bloodlines. It operates a recording scheme for these deer and is affiliated with the NZDFA.

Information: Publishes a herd book.



NZ Velvet Processors' Association

The NZVPA represents the specialised interests of velvet processors and exporters and is represented on the NZDIA.

Tel .
Fax .


NZ Veterinary Association, Deer Branch

The Deer Branch represents those NZVA members who specialise in deer work. The branch organises an annual deer course for veterinarians at which technical papers are presented and has representatives on the National Velveting Standards Body.

Information: The Deer Branch publishes proceedings from its annual courses. These publications are highly regarded as a source of general and veterinary information about deer.

Tel .
Fax .

Dr Peter Wilson,
E- mail: .


NZ Elk and Wapiti Society

The society promotes the interests of Wapiti and North American Elk breeders. It has also been successful in establishing marketing arrangements for venison from heavyweight animals. The society operates a registration scheme for animals which are blood-typed as being pure North American Elk.

Information: The society publishes a members' newsletter. It was also instrumental in publishing a useful booklet, Wapiti Behind Wire.

Tel .
Fax .

Contact: Tracey McLean (secretary)


NZ Warnham and Woburn Society

This society promotes deer which are derived from Warnham and Woburn parks. It operates a recording scheme for these deer, is affiliated with the NZDFA and has an annual conference.

Information: Publishes a herd book each year, member newsletters and information leaflets about the society and its role.

Harry Robinson.
Tel/Fax .

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