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The Deer Farmer Tuesday 14th October, 2008
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Indents Mean Less Jelly Tip

10-09-2007 | webmaster

Crowley says one point that was clarified by processors during the meeting is the value of branched and indented spiker velvet. “It’s not as some farmers tend to think it is,” she says.

The area at the top of spiker velvet where the growing cells are located is called the “jelly tip” and is highly prized by Chinese buyers because it is an area rich in biological activity. Cutting velvet short gives the best quality tip.

With improved genetics, more spiker velvet is branched or indented even though it is removed at the right time. Farmers are still cutting it in the same way and expect it to have the same value as single-spike velvet. However branched or indented velvet is not accepted for the Spiker grades SP1 and SP2, and is downgraded.

Crowley says a key processor explained at the meeting that even though it would appear the buyer is getting two jelly tips instead of one, in fact there is less of the valuable tip area overall when the velvet has indented or branched.

Processors say SP1 and SP2 go to specific customers and markets and the committee accepted their recommendation that there be a new grade for indented and branching spiker velvet.

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