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The Deer Farmer Tuesday 14th October, 2008
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Transition At Heatherlea

10-09-2007 | webmaster

Ed Noonan, chairman of the Canterbury branch of the Deer Farmers’ Association and long-time manager at Hororata property Heatherlea, has stayed on following the sale of the farm earlier this year, to manage the transition.

Peter and Pieter Stewart have sold to local farmer Gavin King.

The 370-hectare property has been in deer for around 30 years, with velveting and finishing operations, and Noonan says King will have the option of continuing to run deer there.

Noonan, who’s been at Heatherlea for 14 years, will move on very soon. He’s managed deer for 24 years and is very interested in sustainability of farming. “There’s an increasing requirement for farming to be seen to be sustainable,” he says. “I’m interested in how sustainability fits with modern farm practices.”

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