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The Deer Farmer Friday 20th February, 2009
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North Canterbury Focus Farm Underway

16-05-2008 | webmaster

We've agreed to send out a special message about the inaugural North Canterbury focus farm field day, being held next Wednesday. Here's the message from Deer Industry New Zealand Producer Manager Tony Pearse...


The Canterbury Deer Focus Farm project comes to life next week on Wednesday 21 May, with the Introductory Field Day at the well-known North Canterbury property, Mendip Hills Station, Parnassus. The Canterbury steering committee have spent time considering some excellent properties before encouraging Mendip Hills to join and lead the Making the Difference  Deer industry Focus Farms project  for Canterbury.


Extensive hind country, some challenge in dry summers and running the most effective low-cost system while heightening performance are the key drivers at Mendip Hills. The programme next Wednesday includes a general property overview and farm tour with themes of genetic improvement and breed suitability to add to hind and fawn performance over lactation; the role of deer and cattle in tussock and scrub development; and developments in integrated stock management.


This large property has 1150 adult mixed-age breeding deer, an intensive young hinds unit  and is also aligned to a separate finishing venison block. There is a mixture of crossbreeding  Wapiti and European sires and a unit that is both expanding and developing under the expertise and management of Simon Lee and team and currently producing some exceptional weaning performances in the high 90 percentages.


The Introductory day on 21st May will provide an overview of the property, background the issues and current performance and discuss and expand the "More Calves on the Ground, Heavier and Earlier" themes of the industry's productivity strategy and where they fit in line with the scope and potential of this magnificent and historic property.


Your interest and attendance is welcomed and your input and support of the proven Focus Farm initiative invited.



Wednesday 21 May.

10:00am start with morning tea.

10:30am welcome and introductions.

Bring your own lunch.

For further information contact facilitator Peter Bradley on ,

, or Mark Shadbolt on .

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